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The Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Program is 2 years program at Dace Academy Training Centre that specializes in the latest software, techniques and technologies to cater to the needs of the current film, television and gaming industries.

This course focuses on the basics of 3D computer graphics using Autodesk Maya.During the 3D Diploma, each student is trained in all aspects. From 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and animation. Focusing on integrating 3D elements into live back plates. Students learn the techniques of integrating and tracking 3D animation and special effects into live footage to produce CG integrated shots for inclusion on their demo reels.

This Course cover the application of these tools in the film, television, and game industries. Students will work on multiple projects throughout the course that will help establish a solid 3D skill set.

About Daceacademy

DACE ACADEMY is created with the professional crew who has the experience of 10+ years in the fields of Visual Effects and Animation and consists of experts who had worked on several number of International and National projects like Titanic 3D, Priest, etc.

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